Apple Music, TV and Devices Preview Apps Now Available on Windows Store

Apple Music, TV and Devices Preview Apps Now Available on Windows Store

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 18, 2023

Windows users can now access preview versions of Apple Music, TV and a third app called Apple Devices that allows syncing for iPhones, iPads and other Apple products, which could previously only be done via iTunes. 

The Windows versions of the three apps have slight differences from their Mac counterparts. For Apple TV, different sections can be accessed through a list on the sidebar rather than as tabs on top. Through the app, you can watch Apple TV Plus shows and movies previously purchased on iTunes and watch them in mini player mode.  

Similarly, a user’s iTunes music library will carry over to Apple Music once the preview is downloaded, and they can listen to their music completely ad-free. The app will allow them to access Apple Music’s extensive list of paid services.  

Installing any of the three preview apps means users can no longer use iTunes. But if they want to gain access to it again, they have to uninstall the previews they have downloaded. As these are only preview versions, some functions may still be unavailable, and Apple has yet to announce the release of the full versions.  

Apple’s preview apps are now available to Windows 11 users in the Microsoft Store.  

Download them here: Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Devices. 

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