Apple Launches New 'Quiet the Noise' AirPods Commercial

Apple Launches New 'Quiet the Noise' AirPods Commercial

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 19, 2023

Apple has launched a new commercial promoting its latest AirPods Pro model — highlighting its improved active noise cancellation feature. 

The one-minute “Quiet the Noise” video ad starts with a man drilling the street without noticing that he is suspended in mid-air. As the cover of the famous Pixies song ‘Where Is My Mind?’ plays in the background, cars, dogs, people and a whole marching band begin to levitate. 

People cheer, a volcano spouts confetti, and the sky is filled with color as they all continue to float. 

Meanwhile, a woman walking down the street while listening to music turns off her AirPods Pro. Everything suddenly drops back to the ground, highlighting the double noise-cancelling feature of the new AirPods.  

The woman finishes with her purchase and turns her AirPods back on, causing everything to float again. 

“Up to 2x more Active Noise Cancellation Compared to AirPods Pro 1 (First Generation)” flashes on screen as the commercial ends. 

Quiet the Noise is the latest Apple ad directed by Megaforce (Leo Berne, Clement Gallet, Charles Brisgand and Raphaël Rodriguez) in partnership with Apple’s long-time collaborator agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab.  

Watch the full video here:

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