Apple Launches Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro for iPad with New Features

Apple Launches Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro for iPad with New Features

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 10, 2023

Apple Inc just announced that the video editing software Final Cut Pro and digital audio workstation Logic Pro – two apps formerly exclusive to the macOS platform – are making their way to the iPad.  

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad will house new touch features that help video producers and sound engineers enhance their workflows “with the immediacy and intuitiveness of Multi-Touch.”  

“We’re excited to introduce the Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, allowing creators to unleash their creativity in new ways and even more places,” shared Apple VP of Worldwide Product Marketing Bob Borchers.  

Final Cut Pro for iPad: New Jog Wheel, Live Drawing. Pro Camera Mode and More 

The iPad version of the Final Cut Pro is introducing a new set of tools that make it distinct from its desktop alternative.  

Users can navigate the Magnetic Timeline in the new jog wheel, move clips around, and make edits faster with just one tap.  

The app also incorporates a Live Drawing feature that lets users draw and write on top of their frames using the Apple Pencil. To speed up workflows, users may also add a Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio that allows them to create shortcuts.  

Pro Camera Mode allows users to shoot videos in high-quality, monitor audio and recording times, and have full control over focus, exposure, and white balance settings. Meanwhile, Multicam Video Editing allows users to synchronize, edit, and switch angles of multicam clips together. 

Other features include the Scene Removal Mask, where users can change the backgrounds of a subject in their video without the use of a green screen, Auto Crop, which changes a clip into a user’s preferred aspect ratios, and Voice Isolation, that can easily remove unwanted background noise from their clips.  

Lastly, video creators can easily import media from their Files or Photos on the iPad, or even their projects from iMovie for iOS and add them directly into their Final Cut Pro project. When they’re finished with a project, they can then be exported onto the Mac.  

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Logic Pro for iPad: Sound Browser, Sample Alchemy, Beat Breaker, Quick Sampler and More 

Logic Pro for iPad stands out from its desktop version by introducing new Multi-Touch gestures. 

Like Final Cut Pro, the audio production app allows users to edit and create track automations using the Apple Pencil. They can also toggle with Keyboard Folio and Magic Keyboard settings to create commands specific to their needs.  

When it comes to in-house features, Logic Pro carries an all-new sound browser where users can access hundreds of instrument and audio patches, plug-ins, samples, effects and loops all in one location.  

Users can also play realistic-sounding instruments and synths through Multi-Touch and transform audio samples with the tap of a finger through Sample Alchemy – the app’s new sample manipulation feature. 

To optimize the sound engineering software for the tablet, it introduced a handful of new and old features that may be familiar to users of the software in its macOS version.  

The new built-in plug-in Beat Breaker lets users alter sounds by swiping and pinching tracks. Meanwhile, Quick Sampler lets users transform audio samples into new instruments. 

Additionally, Step Sequencer lets users program beats, melodies, and drum patterns, with the ability to automate plug-ins with a few taps. Drum Machine Designer lets users create their custom drum kits, while Live Loops helps users build arrangements easier by piecing together audio loops.  

Logic Pro for iPad also makes it easier for producers to move around their projects. Once they’re done, they can export their final song in a variety of audio formats, or even as audio stems. They can also import existing Garageband for iOS projects into the iPad app and transfer their finished songs into Final Cut Pro to be used in their video projects.  

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad are slated to drop in the Apple App Store as subscriptions starting Tuesday, May 23. Each will be priced at $4.99 a month or $49 a year, with a one-month free trial.  

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