Apple's Health Data Privacy Ad Is Funnier Than You Can Imagine

Apple's Health Data Privacy Ad Is Funnier Than You Can Imagine

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: May 25, 2023

Apple’s new ad “The Waiting Room” takes a comical spin on the otherwise concerning question of health data privacy. 

The spot, narrated by actress and comedian Jane Lynch, sees Apple continuing to put the importance of data privacy in the spotlight. This time, by showcasing how the Health app on iPhones protects users’ data.  

As a man walks into a crowded doctor’s waiting room, an anonymous narrator publicly announces his reasons for visiting the doctor.  

“The man with the troublesome haemorrhoid enters the room,” narrates Lynch. Everyone looks around awkwardly, before the narrator continues stating everyone’s health concerns, revealing their most embarrassing secrets.  

“Worried your most personal data might get into the wrong hands? The Health app on iPhone helps you control who sees your health data—and who doesn’t. Because when it comes to your health, privacy matters,” the company states. 

With the spot’s release, Apple has published a Health Privacy Overview whitepaper, detailing how data privacy is protected through the Health app. Four key pillars of privacy are elaborated on in the document including on-device processing, data minimization, security, and transparency and control.  

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As the question of data security importance is becoming increasingly prevalent among consumers, the ad is scheduled to run in 24 regions worldwide this summer and is part of Apple’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness on how the tech company prioritizes the data privacy of its users.  

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