Apple Buying Manchester United Is Likely a False Report

Apple Buying Manchester United Is Likely a False Report

Published: November 26, 2022

This week, a British tabloid called “The Daily Star” broke the news that the tech giant Apple might be interested in buying Manchester United. According to information available at the moment, that’s likely a false report, as Apple has shown no interest in the soccer club, nor any other premier clubs of its size.

While Manchester United confirmed the breaking news saying that it’s up for sale, neither Apple nor the soccer club conclusively stated that the California-based tech company is interested in buying.

“The Daily Star” claimed that Apple has shown interest in the club and was willing to buy it out for a whopping £5.8 billion, which is estimated at $7 billion. It went on to say that a transaction of such magnitude would make the Red Devils the richest club in the world. If such a transaction were to take place, it would solve all of Manchester United’s financial issues, including a complete rework of Old Trafford, and then some.

While Joel and Avram Glazier, who’ve been majority owners of Manchester United since 2005, seem to have caved into the demands of the Manchester United fans who want them ousted, there’s no report that Apple’s showed interest in taking over from them.

What is certain in this whole story is that the Red Devils did come out to say that the owners are exploring all options, including a full sale. On Tuesday night, they announced that the club might be up for sale as part of a “process to explore strategic alternatives to enhance the club's growth.”

However, following rumors of Apple’s interest in Manchester United, MacRumors reported that the tech giant has no intentions of buying the club, citing its inside source with direct knowledge of the situation.

According to MacRumors, Apple is looking to expand into sports content, but not by paying the most egregious sum of cash the world of soccer has ever seen. If the rumored takeover were to take place, it would surpass the £4.25 billion (approximately $5.14 billion) fee Todd Boehly’s consortium paid for Chelsea this year.

Instead, Apple partnered with the MLB to air a weekly “Friday Night Baseball” doubleheader on Apple TV+ for the duration of the 2022 regular season.

It is also set to be the exclusive provider of Major League Soccer games for the next 10 years.

Since there are conflicting rumors regarding the purchase of Manchester United, it’s best to wait for Apple’s official statement. So far, there’s nothing to indicate that such a transaction was ever to take place.

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