Andrex Aims to Break Taboos With 'Get Comfortable' Ad

Andrex Aims to Break Taboos With 'Get Comfortable' Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 25, 2024

Andrex has launched a new ad campaign aimed at challenging societal taboos surrounding bathroom habits in the U.K.

Research shared by the Kimberly Clarke brand revealed widespread embarrassment among Brits when it comes to these taboos, with half admitting to avoiding public restrooms, and 41% feeling uncomfortable using facilities at the homes of romantic partners or in-laws.

Made together with creative agency FCB London, the toilet roll company's "Get Comfortable" campaign seeks to encourage Brits to overcome their embarrassment and discomfort associated with using the toilet. 

In its one-minute commercial "Office," a woman audibly farts by accident in front of her colleagues. This puts her in an awkward position, with many officemates turning their heads towards her. 

However, the woman confidently embraces the situation.

With the support of an Andrex puppy, she heads to the toilet with a roll of Andrex tissue paper and a French-German dictionary, despite the tense looks everyone in her workspace give her. 

The spot ends on an empowering note, with the woman owning up to her bowel movements, and "getting comfortable" in the restroom.

Breaking Taboos with Humor

The new spot marks a significant departure from traditional marketing strategies, opting for humor and visually striking content over typical product-centric approaches.

According to Kimberly Clarke CMO Matt Stone, the initiative is a substantial shift for the brand, intended to prompt the nation to address its "collective social constipation" about bathroom matters.

"We want people to confront their own relationship with the toilet and adopt healthier habits as a result," Stone shared with AdWeek.

"We've always been good at telling people we make great products, but this is going deeper. We conducted a lot of behavioral studies… and we found that there’s a shame and embarrassment which gets in the way of people making the right health choices."

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Beyond the short TV and digital ads, the "Get Comfortable" campaign features an extensive rollout of billboard and newspaper ads throughout the UK.

These ads, boasting attention-grabbing visuals and headlines such as "Live Unclenched" and "Conquer the First Office Poo," will be strategically placed in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility and impact. 

In talking about the brand's marketing rollout, Stones jokes that if anyone wants a challenge as a marketer, they can "come and work in a category that people actively avoid." 

"Because it forces you to think about how to get your message out there and tackle [big] topics," the CMO shared.

"Being a big, generic brand is great but we have to constantly work to stay relevant. We want to stay as relevant as possible for all generations, particularly newer generations, and that means you have to reinvent yourself."

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