AMV BBDO Assists Bupa in Creating Sustainability Campaign

AMV BBDO Assists Bupa in Creating Sustainability Campaign

Published: November 12, 2022

Advertising agency AMV BBDO assisted Bupa, the international healthcare company, unveil its global sustainability campaign. The agency won the creative account earlier this year in May following a highly competitive pitch.

The new sustainability strategy is centered on the interplay between the health of the planet and the humans that inhabit it.

The message of the latest Bupa campaign is that for us to inherit a healthy, clean Earth, we need to reduce the impact that healthcare, as an industry, has on the global environment. Finding more sustainable healthcare solutions is imperative, as well as creating greener spaces where people can thrive.

To that end, Bupa is transcending into a more sustainable business model by moving to renewable energy sources, using recycled plastics for scrubs and lowering its carbon footprint. Technology plays a central role in Bupa’s transformation, relying on innovation to stay ahead of the sustainability curve.

The 80-second spot follows a group of medical professionals as they traverse the planet, applying their knowledge to curing the Earth and making it a better, healthier place.

The video production relied entirely on CGI, making the video 95% less carbon-intensive than if it had been shot in real-world locations. David Edwards took on the role of director and AMV BBDO’s in-house production company Flare Productions took care of the rest. The ad will run across digital and social channels.

“At Bupa, we recognize that the climate crisis is also a health crisis, and we’re working hard to transform our business to become more sustainable,” said Zoe Vafadari, chief brand and corporate affairs officer at Bupa Group. “We wanted a simple way to explain why this topic is so important to us and AMV BBDO have helped us to capture that in our new campaign where we commit to care for the planet as our newest patient. We hope the message resonates with our people, partners, and customers – because this is a commitment we need to make together.”

Nigel Sullivan, chief sustainability and people officer of Bupa Group, went on to corroborate why the health of our planet is crucial for human healthcare.

“For 75 years Bupa has been taking care of people’s health, but it is becoming increasingly clear that we can’t do this without taking care of the health of our planet too,” said Sullivan.

“If our planet isn’t healthy, the chances are we won’t be either. That’s why our new campaign outlines our intention to take on the planet as our newest patient. Tackling the climate and health crisis is an urgent matter and it is hugely complex. We have a lot of work to do, and we can’t do this alone, so we’re collaborating with our healthcare partners, providers, suppliers, and many other organizations across the sector to accelerate action and make a better world.”

The message reads loud and clear — the health of the planet comes first. Without it, nothing else remains.

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