AMP Sound Branding Releases (Un)Heard Qatar World Cup Insights

AMP Sound Branding Releases (Un)Heard Qatar World Cup Insights

Published: December 16, 2022

AMP Sound Branding released its latest insights showing the complex relationship between sound, soccer and ads that brands have been creating for the event. According to the company’s research into the topic, brands employing retro music and playing on nostalgia were able to connect with the audience in a more meaningful way.

The company utilized its proprietary Sonic Hub Tool Portfolio to study Qatar World Cup ads and came to several unheard-before findings. Energetic, aggressive and powerful are among the most prevalent musical moods for this year’s greatest soccer event.

It’s exactly what one would expect from ads celebrating the World Cup, except now there is tangible evidence proving that brands opt for such moods intentionally. One might say it’s paradoxical considering brands are playing on the togetherness card this year, given everything that’s going on around the world.

AMP Sound Branding put it best in its “The Sound of the World Cup” analysis: “The overarching atmosphere seems to be more about preparing for a fight than the anticipation of winning. With so many ads telling stories of coming together and family, is the underlying aggressive musical tone subtly highlighting the dichotomy of sport, both unifying and dividing us?”

But brands are just going for cheap thrills to get the blood pumping. AMP’s research shows that 37% of brands are paying for licensed music for Qatar World Cup ads, with 25% making custom music for their ads. An additional 25% were using stock music, while only 13% used no music at all. Even the cost-minded Hyundai partnered with BTS and used licensed music.

Moods aside, brands relying on nostalgia to create that special bond with customers have seen the greatest success of all. “We Will Rock You” (Qatar Airways) and “Rockafeller Skank” by Fatboy Slim (Pepsi) are the types of hits that resonated with fans both young and old, making the ads far more relatable and enjoyable.

Of course, no music analysis would be complete without mentioning which genres dominated the event. When it comes to the Qatar World Cup ads, Rock, Electronic, Pop and Hip-Hop undoubtedly ruled the day.

If there was a winner of the World Cup among advertising, Coca-Cola, Byju and Budweiser would be the top contenders for the gold medal, according to AMP Sound Branding’s observation of relevant, meaningful and engaging connections.

AMP Sound Branding has established a fact-based connection between music and engagement with content that other brands can rely on in the future.

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