Amazon and UEFA Women's League Launch Heartwarming Ad

Amazon and UEFA Women's League Launch Heartwarming Ad
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 11, 2024

Amazon, in collaboration with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Women's Champions League, has just launched a touching new spot that highlights the determination and resilience of women and girls in the sport.

Directed by BAFTA-nominated director Molly Manning Walker, the commercial captures the essence of women's football, as real players take center stage, showcasing their passion, tenacity and camaraderie.

Titled "The Grit," the 30-second spot treats viewers to a montage of women football players on the pitch, in the locker room, along the hallways and by the bleachers, all while showing the role Amazon plays in their lives on and off the field. 

While the eCommerce giant offers a wide selection of quality products for training, playing and recovery, it is the women and girls of today who bring the "grit" to the beautiful game.

"You bring the grit. We bring the stuff," the screen writes, as the spot concludes. 

Amazon Launches Women's Football Store

"The Grit" comes in light of Amazon's launch of its Women’s Football Store, catering to the needs of female football enthusiasts and players in the UK.

With over a thousand items available, ranging from shin guards to sports nutrition, training vests to trophies, and sports tape to cold compresses, the online store aims to be a one-stop destination for women and girls involved in the sport.

Notably, its line of sportswear was carefully created by an all-women team.

In partnership with UEFA Women's league, Amazon has just launched its women's football store.
The Women's Football Store on Amazon | Source: Amazon

Later this year, the tech giant will also introduce the first Official UEFA Women’s Champions League online store, featuring tournament merchandise.

Maria Giulia Biguzzi, head of Amazon's EU Fanshop, expressed the company's dedication to leveraging its platform to further support the women’s game.

"Across the globe, we’re seeing huge excitement and support for women’s football, with crowds and media coverage at record levels, more young girls getting into grassroots football, and heightened interest and demand for women’s football kits, apparel and equipment," she shared in a press release.

"As proud partners of UEFA Women’s Football, we are committed to using our scale to drive even more momentum for the women’s game, and our Women’s Football Store makes it even easier for customers to access whatever they might need, knowing that they’re shopping a quality selection and that it’ll arrive fast, in time for their next match."

Earlier this year, Amazon Prime also launched two inspirational spots.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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