Amazon Reveals Tech Predictions for 2023

Amazon Reveals Tech Predictions for 2023

News by Marge Serrano
Published: January 03, 2023

The next wave of investors and innovators have recently gathered to share their insights on the trends coming up this year, especially in tech, all thanks to Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels, who launched Now Go Build 

The program runs in its third season, where the audience gets to watch Amazon CTO Dr. Vogels travel the world and meet the startups—and the technology—solving the Earth’s most urgent problems. Some issues include ways how to reforest the planet, keep the youth active, and re-imagine the supply chain from the warehouse to delivery. And this is just the beginning.  

Dr. Vogels states, “As the access to advanced technology becomes even more ubiquitous—as every facet of life becomes data that we can analyze—we will see a torrent of innovation, and this will proliferate in 2023.”  

With his years of experience in the trade and this realization, he shared the following predictions he has in mind for the tech industry: 

  • Cloud technologies will redefine sports as we know them 
  • Simulated worlds will reinvent the way we experiment 
  • A surge of innovation in smart energy 
  • The upcoming supply chain transformation 
  • Custom silicon goes mainstream 

The supply chain transformation is the most relevant prediction for the Amazon space and eCommerce industry. Dr. Vogels reiterates that in 2023, adopting technologies such as computer vision and deep learning will propel the supply chain forward. Driverless fleets, autonomous warehouse management, and simulations are just a few optimizations that will lead to a new era in smart logistics and the global supply chain. 

“Something that I’ve reflected on regularly over the past few years is the fragility of the global supply chain. We are reminded of this daily—late deliveries, unavailable products, and empty shelves. While Amazon has fine-tuned its supply chains with innovations like digital freight matching and delivery stations, many companies have continued to struggle with logistical challenges. This is about to change.” Vogels added. 

As these advancements begin to take shape, the tech industry is about to enter a new wave of innovation with cost savings and performance benefits that will lead to more experimentation, more adoption, and, eventually, more custom silicon for other specific workloads.

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