Joy Is Made for Amazon’s Holiday Campaign With Academy Award Winner Taika Waititi

Joy Is Made for Amazon’s Holiday Campaign With Academy Award Winner Taika Waititi
News by Anja Paspalj
Published: November 15, 2022

Amazon’s 2022 holiday campaign “Joy Is Made” gets to the essence of the festive season, presenting a touching reminder of how to bring joy to those people care most about.

Seasonal ads often take on the form of short films, telling viewers a story from beginning to end. This 150-second ad is a tremendous example of what can be achieved with this format.

As such, it is no surprise that Academy Award-winning director, writer and actor Taika Waititi is the one behind this heartwarming tale of a father’s love for his daughter.

“The passion he had for telling the story of a relationship between a father and child, with his trademark charm, and the casting choices he knew would deliver that story, were paramount,” explained Amazon head of global creative Jo Shoesmith on the collaboration with Waititi.

The advertisement centers around a snow globe depicting a small and magical world that the daughter is mesmerized by and deeply attached to. In an attempt to better understand his daughter’s love for her prized possession, the father enlists the help of friendly neighbors and the Amazon delivery service to recreate the world within her snow globe in their greenhouse.

Shredded paper, holiday fairy lights, giant Christmas trees and a snowman teddy bear imitating the one found in the snow globe itself, transport the daughter to a place of comfort and magic that her father was inspired to create.

“We’re constantly inspired by the inventive spirit of Amazon customers, and we wanted to tell a story with a different view of generosity and giving during the holidays, and the joy you receive from doing something special for someone you love," said Ed Smith, GM of EU Marketing at Amazon.

"We’re happy to play a small part in the creation of that joy, but the hero of the story is a father's love for his child.”

Produced by advertising agency Lucky Generals and production company Hungry Man, with the help of Taika Waititi, the “Joy Is Made” marketing campaign will surely have people wondering how they can surprise their loved ones this holiday season.

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