Amazon Reportedly Starts New AdTech Project ID++

Amazon Reportedly Starts New AdTech Project ID++

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 28, 2024

Amazon is reportedly working on a secretive internal project called ID++ in a strategic move to make waves in the landscape of online advertising.

The ID++ Program was unveiled briefly through a now-removed job posting on Amazon Advertising's site, and is aimed at fueling the "future growth of Amazon’s ad solutions in an identity-restricted world."

The posting declared the program's goal is to sustain the eCommerce giant's ad business but also to seize the opportunities to position Amazon as the leader in the AdTech world.

"This is an internal project team that is developing a range of modeled and contextual addressability solutions," an Amazon spokesperson told Ad Age.

The Potential of Amazon's ID++

The significance of ID++ lies in its ability to empower advertisers and publishers in navigating the evolving digital advertising ecosystem.

With third-party cookies facing extinction, the tech giant's proactive approach shows its commitment to innovation in the face of industry-wide changes.

"Amazon has enough first-party data, computing power, shoppers, and all this stuff to win in the space," a knowledgeable ad tech executive remarked.

He also highlighted Amazon's advantageous position in the post-cookie era.

The industry insider explained that Amazon is still clarifying aspects of the program to partners, foreseeing its potential benefits for advertisers and publishers.

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The End of Third-Party Cookies Is Near

Since 2017, Apple has ceased third-party cookies and trackers on Safari and iPhones, while Google plans to do the same on Chrome browsers by the end of 2024.

Because of this, advertisers and publishers seek alternative methods for precise ad targeting and measurement. Amazon's expanding role in digital advertising positions it strongly in the evolving ecosystem, both as a buyer and seller.

During the IAB's leadership summit, Kelly MacLean, VP of Amazon DSP, emphasized Amazon's dedication to advancing advertising solutions.

While not explicitly mentioning ID++, MacLean highlighted Amazon's commitment to leveraging clean rooms.

"One way to create a more transparent and effective spend is to bring advertisers and publishers closer together," he said.

"As we embrace modeled-based solutions and improve trust with customers [...] we can apply a similar logic to build trust between advertisers and publishers.”

Amazon's growing presence in digital advertising positions it uniquely to address the challenges of the post-cookie era. With robust first-party data and a suite of tools including Amazon Marketing Cloud and Publisher Services, it proves itself capable of adapting to the changing landscape.

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