Meet the Winners of This Year’s Amazon Ads Partner Awards

Meet the Winners of This Year’s Amazon Ads Partner Awards

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: November 23, 2022

The second annual Amazon Ads Partner Awards have taken place, recognizing partners who created innovative and exceptional campaigns for clients. The first-ever gala event for this awards ceremony was held in New York on October 24, where a total of nine winners received awards across four categories.

With over 200 submissions, the awards cover work from May 2021 to April 2022 by partners that have verified status within the Amazon Ads Partner Network in both the UK and the US.

Performance Growth Award

The Performance Growth Award recognizes partners that use Amazon Ads products to develop a business strategy that results in performance growth for a client.

This year’s US winner was the agency Global Overview for the work it did for the supplement company Tru Niagen.

Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud and Seller Central, Global Overview was able to foster growth and optimize campaigns for Tru Niagen, resulting in a 61% increase in new monthly shoppers!

Scaled Technology Award

Utilizing the potential of Amazon Ads API, the Scaled Technology Award is given to partners for developing technology applications that help their clients expand into new regions and grow a global brand.

Quartile was recognized this year for its work with eco-friendly catering supplies company Restaurantware, which led to a 3x increase in the company’s sales. This is all thanks to a combination of Amazon Ads API and Quartile’s tech which implements machine learning, AI and automation.

Brand Building Award

The Brand Building Award was given to two US companies this year as recognition for how they leveraged Amazon Ads’ brand-building products to create and tell effective brand stories for clients and instigate brand growth.

Marshall Associates was recognized for the work it did following Active Skin Repair’s brand refresh. Mixing the potential of Amazon’s Demand Side Platform with a creative media strategy, Active Skin Repair was able to achieve a record figure for sales!

Team One also received the Brand Building Award for Lexus, which approached the agency following the redesign of its NX SUV, hoping to engage target audiences and develop awareness. Team One developed a campaign across multiple channels that included a live-stream game show on Twitch, streaming TV services and ads on IMDB.

“The 2022 awards submissions showed the innovation our partners bring to advertisers. It’s clear these submissions worked backwards from the advertisers’ goals to create and execute industry-leading campaigns.” stated Michael Swilly, senior manager of partner development at Amazon Ads and a judge for the US Brand Building category awards.

Innovation Award

Finally, the Innovation Award recognizes partners that have created an innovative service that solves the requests of a client, while helping drive results on Amazon.

This year it was awarded to global full-service Amazon agency Amerge Ltd., with over 50 years of ex-Amazon experience, for its work with book publisher Loft Troll.

Amerge Ltd. created bespoke technology for the needs of Loft Troll in the form of a custom Kindle Direct Publishing cloud solution. This resulted in an overall view of ad campaign performance and a strategy to reach new audiences.

The project was a success for Loft Troll across multiple segments including achieving a monthly ROI between 146% and 213% and an omnipresent advertising strategy.

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