Alo Yoga Debuts Unique VR Shopping Experience

Alo Yoga Debuts Unique VR Shopping Experience

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 08, 2023

Activewear and lifestyle brand Alo Yoga has once again ventured into virtual reality with the debut of its immersive shopping experience in partnership with Obsess.

The virtual store platform for experiential eCommerce has helped Alo Yoga develop a first-of-its-kind unique shopping experience for the much-loved yoga brand with a loyal customer base since its launch in 2007, which includes a detailed 3D environment, wellness and exercise tutorials and a seamless checkout.

"The immersive virtual store powered by the Obsess platform will help us reach and engage the Alo community wherever they are and allow us to share our Spring launch, along with our core collection, in a 3D environment that feels unbelievably similar to shopping in one of our stores in real life,” said Angelic Vendette, VP and Global Head of Marketing at Alo Yoga, in a press release.

Alo Yoga virtual shop
(Source: Alo Yoga)

This is Alo’s first-time offering customers a virtual reality shopping experience, enticing them with additional content. It includes specially selected workout videos from the Alo Moves fitness platform, generally available exclusively to paid subscribers. Its previous metaverse experience was set up via Roblox to offer viewers a virtual wellness space and now has an estimated 65 million visits.

"Interactive shopping experiences incorporating VR are the future of e-commerce. They are an exciting new way for a visionary brand like ours to reach and engage our community while transporting them directly into our world,” explained Danny Harris, co-founder and co-CEO of Alo Yoga.

The virtual experience can be visited by customers via mobile, desktop, or (most effectively) the Meta Quest 2 VR Headset.

This collaboration marks a huge step in the ongoing convergence of retail and immersive technologies. As one of the top augmented reality companies, Obsess brings a new level of interactivity to Alo's brand by turning a traditional shopping experience into a dynamic, 3D journey.

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