New AI Tools Released to Boost Productivity Across Various Industries

New AI Tools Released to Boost Productivity Across Various Industries

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: March 26, 2023

Since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last November, AI development companies have rapidly advanced both in scale and capabilities.  

This can be seen in the boom of specialized AI tools they make, each with its own specific uses while catering to various fields and industries. 

From summarizing podcasts to creating complete itineraries, here are four up-and-coming AI-powered software that help can help maximize productivity: 


Castmagic prides itself on the “fastest way to extract all the content from your podcasts in one simple tool.”  

Built for podcasters, video streamers and content creators, the AI service has the ability to track timestamps to navigate parts of a podcast better. It can also determine the key points of podcasts at specific times, relay them in bullet points and extract quotes from soundbites.  

Summarizing is also one of Castmagic’s strong suits, giving podcasters summaries of their podcasts in single blurbs, sections or in key topics written in bullet points. 

Another powerful feature is its ability to auto attribute content to individual speakers, break down their content and wrap-up their quotes and summaries.  

Lastly, it can create ready-to-publish social content for podcasters, perfect for Twitter threads, LinkedIn posts and shortform clips. 

Castmagic is a paid monthly service, but users can avail of a trial version where they are entitled to one free episode.  


Cody is an AI assistant much like ChatGPT, but with a specialized focus on training a user’s business, team, processes and clients, all in their own knowledge data base.  

To build a knowledge base, users can upload documents, PowerPoints and PDFs that are instantly integrated into the system, which will further customize Cody to their businesses. From there, it can instantly answer questions based on all its accumulated documents.  

However, what sets it apart from other business productivity apps is its ability to provide the sources it uses when coming up with an answer. For added peace of mind, you can check Cody’s work.” it wrote.  

Its other features include writing professional emails, providing brainstorming input, translating documents and creating marketing materials that can help a user’s team complete tasks faster.  

Users interested in Cody can sign up for free in their website.  


AItinerary is a new AI-powered itinerary planning service that specializes in helping users create customized travel plans. Like most, it also uses natural language processing (NLP) to create recommendations including activities and destinations while taking into account how long a user’s stay will be. 

Its website houses a straightforward user interface, where users may indicate their destination and dates for travel, before it provides a day-to-day list of things to do, complete with pictures of the activities. Once it generates an itinerary, users may opt to save it or have the service generate another one.  

With no sign-up required, users may try AItinerary for free.  


STORYD is a business-focused AI software that creates data presentations “that leaders love, in seconds.”  

The tool was founded Zack Mazzoncini and Michael Grimm, who also founded Decisive Data, Ignite Intelligence Solutions and Data Advantage, the product’s parent company.  

To use STORYD, users can start by providing it a few sentences about their presentation. From there, STORYD will create and design a presentation in 60 seconds, which users can personalize. Once the presentation is good to go, users can export their own STORYD-made PowerPoint. 

The AI tool also comes with 500 pre-written data storytelling presentation templates, which users can browse by industry or department before copying and customizing the starters for their own unique presentations.  

STORYD also provides scripts complete with titles, headlines and descriptions. Users can add their own ideas to the script, collaborate with co-workers in real-time, add text, lists, images, charts and numbers and brainstorm content ideas.  

Lastly, STORYD houses over 100 layout options and allows users to see a visual preview of each presentation slide to edit the theme, font and color depending on their preference. Existing decks may also be uploaded onto it, where it will extract its theme and font.  

While STORYD is a paid subscription service, a beta version of the tool is available to users for free.  

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