AI Cannot Replace Email Specialists, Expert Believes

AI Cannot Replace Email Specialists, Expert Believes

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 29, 2023

While 32% of marketers have begun using AI for paid advertisements and to personalize emails, Stripo Chief Marketing Officer Volodymyr Kreshchenko believes AI will not suffice if it’s meant to replace email specialists.  

“[U]sually that won't work because this “black box” cannot provide you with a solid and complex understanding that includes all the aspects of your business,” he explained. 

In an exclusive interview with Spotlight, Kreshchenko also explained that there is still a need for email specialists until real artificial general intelligence (AGI) is developed and trained for email marketing.  

However, the CMO believes that AI as a tool can be utilized to speed up email development, generate ideas, test elements on the scale faster, or localize emails for different markets.  

“Only let AI work with your supervision and check all the text it generates to meet your expectation and communicate in a brand-consistent way,” he added.  

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Kreshchenko also explained now the role of email in marketing has evolved over the years, coming from personal to business communication, internal usage to global adaptation, receiving messages from people users know to receiving spam, and more.  

The seasoned marketing expert also shared his tips for businesses in leveraging email for their own marketing strategies.  

“Previously, people used text messages only; now, they can create exceptional designs that align with brand identity. Those who ignore trends become less effective. Nowadays, real experts that are ready for changes and innovations in email marketing are required,” he shared. 

Kreshchenko also suggests making interactive emails using games, quizzes, forms, and more. “It isn't new, but powerful enough to delight customers and increase customer engagement rate,” he added.

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