Welcome to AeroPax: Aéropostale's Venture Into the Metaverse

Welcome to AeroPax: Aéropostale's Venture Into the Metaverse

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 14, 2023

Aéropostale is making a grand entrance into the metaverse with the launch of a four-part strategy with exclusive and limited-time-only offers. Metaverse development company MetaversePlus is aiming to develop the retail brand's presence through the use of NFTs.  

Set to launch on March 23;, the first phase welcomes a collection of exclusive NFTs titled “AeroPax.” The first digital collection of 30,000 available AeroPax will give users access to the Aéropostale metaverse community and serve as interactive avatars, with perks like limited-edition apparel and special brand promotions.  

To celebrate the launch of AeroPax, ten fans will be chosen at random to win a Tesla. Aéropostale is certainly entering the metaverse with a bang. 

"AeroPax is unique in that we're creating an experience free from real-world limitations and societal standards, where people can be their most authentic selves and join forces with like-minded individuals anywhere, using NFTs and virtual experiences," said co-founder of MetaversePlus Noah Loul. 

With their chosen AeroPax, users will be able to delve into the second phase of the four-part strategy by entering and exploring AeroWorld.  

In AeroWorld, users can access virtual and IRL experiences and collect in-game points, allowing access to a new world of exclusive offers in Aéropostale’s metaverse space. Phases three and four of the strategy have yet to be revealed. 

"Through this partnership, we aim to make Aéropostale a leading brand in the Web3 space and help shape the future of community and customer engagement in the virtual world," explained EVP of Lifestyle at Authentic Brands, Naushaba Moeen.  

The four-part metaverse plan could see Aéropostale attracting the attention of a growing Gen Z audience and successfully resurfacing after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016. 

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