ADP's Latest Ad Imagines 25-Hour Workdays

ADP's Latest Ad Imagines 25-Hour Workdays

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 05, 2023

Management provider ADP (Always Designing for People) launched its latest campaign that imagines what would happen in a regular workday if it ran for an extra hour.

In the one-minute short film "The 25th Hour," a solar flare lengthens a day on Earth for an additional hour, leaving citizens to wonder what to do with the extra time.

"Bacon and eggs, 25/7," one man in a diner suggests.

In a lab, scientists test the effectiveness of their deodorants, before they proudly nail its "25/7 protection."

Meanwhile, co-workers in an office discuss the uses of the extra hour in their day-to-day.

"We could use it for personal growth," one employee shares, while another suggests a longer lunch.

On the other hand, their higher-up proposes using it to work more, before realizing everyone was for having "companywide power naps."

While the approved idea "could wreak havoc on overtime approvals," time and payroll management was made easier with the use of ADP's forward-thinking HR solutions, making it a trusted partner in "taking on the next anything."


Made together with creative agency Arnold Worldwide, ADP's campaign seeks to merge creativity and humor, showcasing its expertise as an industry leader.

The company's CMO Gus Blanchard explained the idea behind the spot, saying that "reaching audiences in a light-hearted and humorous way provides a memorable reminder that ADP remains a constant, trusted partner through any shifts affecting the world of work."

James Bray, executive creative director at Arnold, expounded on the unpredictable nature of work, and how it inspired the new campaign.

"We’ve all witnessed it. One day, office attendance was practically 100% and the next, most people had to work from home. No one saw that curveball coming,” Bray concluded.

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