Adidas, Tokenproof Launch Three-Year Web3 Partnership for Loyal Fans

Adidas, Tokenproof Launch Three-Year Web3 Partnership for Loyal Fans

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 04, 2023

Key Insights

  • Adidas takes a deeper step into Web3 by announcing its three-year partnership with Tokenproof
  • Its newest drop will be launched as part of Adidas' Web3 project "Into The Metaverse"
  • This partnership signifies the growing popularity of blockchain technology for commercial brands

Adidas has partnered with the blockchain-based authentication Tokenproof which connects audiences with brands they love. The three-year partnership is the sports apparel brand’s next step into the Web3 industry.  

The collaboration will bring token-gating to the Adidas Confirmed app, opening the door to exclusive experiences and limited-edition product launches for its most loyal customers with special NFTs.  

The newest drop to be featured as part of Adidas’ Web3 project titled "Into The Metaversewill include a pair of Superstar sneakers and a hoodie designed in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic, and Yumney.   

“For the first time, you can authenticate a real person and give them token-gate access to a highly curated shopping, physical experience in the Adidas ecosystem,” announced the co-founder of Adidas’ Web3 Studio Erica Wykes-Snead for Business of Fashion. 

With the newly established three-year partnership with Tokenproof, Adidas can now compete with its biggest industry rivals such as Nike and Puma, which are also invested in exploring eCommerce in the virtual space

This will also give the sportswear company access to valuable customer data, with customers being rewarded through the app for offering access to their data.  

“I really believe that marketing is about orchestrated touchpoints and not about touchpoints in isolation,” added the founder and CEO of Tokenproof Fonz Olvera. 

This marks the biggest collaboration thus far between a mainstream brand and a Web3 company, signifying the growing popularity of blockchain technology for eCommerce development companies and customer experience.  

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