Adidas Reunites Messi, Bellingham, and Others in Qatar World Cup Ad

Adidas Reunites Messi, Bellingham, and Others in Qatar World Cup Ad
Published: November 25, 2022

Adidas brought together some of the biggest names in soccer to help spur the hype for Qatar World Cup, which kicked off on Sunday. The “Family Reunion” ad is another fine addition to the brand’s “impossible is nothing” platform.

In the “Family Reunion” ad, Adidas, with the help of director Nina Holmgren of SMUGGLER London, showed viewers what a soccer superstar family would look like. The ad features Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Achraf Hakimi, Son Heung-Min, Jude Bellingham, Pedro ‘Pedri’ González López, Serge Gnabry and Stormzy (because every functional family needs a rapper).

Besides being exquisitely playful and entertaining, the “Family Reunion” spot is also the first Qatar World Cup ad directed by a woman. Holmgren superbly convinces the viewer that this soccer star (plus Stormzy) family is real and that this is what its daily routine looks like.

From getting ready for the day and eating a bowl of soccer ball-shaped cereal, to playing foosball and doing puzzles, the superstar family really gives off a vibe that this is precisely what its every day looks like. It’s almost like an average mid-class family, minus the Luxe Wardrobe Automation conveyor system and a couple of other things.

Besides jumping on the Qatar World Cup hype bandwagon driven by Stormzy himself, the “Family Reunion” ad is also advertising a retro-style Adidas jacket.

The jacket, as worn by Bellingham in the one-minute spot, is reminiscent of the football apparel of the 1970s, and is heavily influenced by the style at the time.

It was created in cooperation with British designer Wales Bonner and looks like a clothing item straight out of a time machine.

With Qatar World Cup well underway, soccer fans can relax and enjoy the greatest sporting event in the world. It’s also not a bad time to rewatch all the Qatar ads that brands have been releasing in a competition of their own.

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