ADAM: If Baymax was a Boba Tea Barista

ADAM: If Baymax was a Boba Tea Barista

News by Marge SerranoMarge Serrano
Published: January 11, 2023

CES 2023 attendees had their hearts stolen by ADAM, a robot powered by artificial intelligence that will create any boba tea you are craving and even dance to keep you in high spirits. 

ADAM is a two-armed robot barista that makes any milk tea using its grip handles. To order, users must select their favorite flavor on the touchscreen menu. 

Customers remarked that ADAM looks like a tiny Baymax due to the shape of his body but instead of giving you a hug, he will hand you a delicious bubble tea. 

Richtech Robotics (RR), the thinktank behind ADAM, claims that the robot can also be programmed as a bartender or even a sous chef. Since he can operate 24/7, he'd be ideal in the rush hour of restaurants. 

RR claims that ADAM is more flexible than humans due to having six joints that range 180-270°. Adam is also precise as he can still move efficiently within ±1mm and has a max speed of 3ft/s. 

RR Digital Marketing Manager Timothy Tanksley explains, "ADAM is intended to be basically a way to attract guests and a way to make drinks fully automated and very efficient." 

Not only can ADAM be purchased, but customers can also opt to rent him instead for any of their events. 

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