AAMI Embraces Australia's Challenges in New Campaign

AAMI Embraces Australia's Challenges in New Campaign
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 18, 2024

Insurance company AAMI has launched a fresh brand campaign aimed at embracing the unique challenges faced by Australian residents.

Its new one-minute spot titled "When Australia happens, lucky you’re with AAMI" kicks off with a couple rushing to their car amid a hailstorm — only to find its windshield cracking because of the hail.

Other mishaps are shown for Aussies who are simply going about their day: a woman biking gets pecked on by a pigeon; a group of friends deal with a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere; and an entire restaurant gets hosed down by a fire alarm that was accidentally set off.

The misfortunes don't end there. The spot goes on to show an old couple bumping into a parking pole, a family accidentally leaving their bathtub water running, and a man breaking his window at the sight of a huge spider.

The spot ends with the narrator driving the message that AAMI takes into consideration all the weird and unlikely occurences in "the wide brown land" and has Australians covered.

"When the Lucky Country isn't so lucky, lucky you're with AAMI."

With Bad Luck Lies Opportunity

Made together with creative agency Ogilvy, AAMI's latest brand platform departs from its previous "AAMI Does" campaign and seeks to reinforce the brand's identity with the tagline "Lucky You're With AAMI."

Hilary Badger, executive creative director at Ogilvy Melbourne, highlighted the essence of the AAMI brand promise.

"The AAMI brand promise has always been that of positivity in the face of life’s big and little inconveniences, which is the essence of ‘Lucky You’re With AAMI.'" 

"And given that Australia is a big place with its quirks and challenges, Australians need easy insurance," she added.

The company's latest spot took inspiration from the beloved Australian poem "My Country" by Dorothea Mackellar, using it to juxtapose unique scenarios familiar to Australians, and adding a touch of humor and relatability to its brand messaging.

Mim Hayson, CMO of Suncorp Group, the parent company of AAMI, further explained the idea behind the campaign.

"Our new campaign reflects the diversity of the Australian experience and reinforces that, when our customers are unlucky, we’re there to support them."

"We’re incredibly excited by this new work, particularly the use of a beloved Australian poem to bring to life the uniqueness of our loved Australian brand," Hayson added.

The campaign will be showcased across various media channels, including television, cinema, online platforms, out-of-home advertising, audio and digital display. 

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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