7 Out of 10 U.K. Consumers Want Online Shopping Points

7 Out of 10 U.K. Consumers Want Online Shopping Points

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 14, 2023

A staggering seven out of 10 U.K. consumers have identified the need for brands to offer multiple contact points as crucial while shopping online, a new survey conducted by Mitto reveals.

The study, delving into the preferences of over 1,000 respondents, highlights the evolving landscape of consumer habits and underscores the growing reliance on digital channels in the online shopping experience.

Surprisingly, the study also found that traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns had only a "somewhat" or "not at all" influential impact on the purchasing decisions of 70% of respondents.

In contrast, SMS emerged as a powerful channel with a remarkable 98% open rate, suggesting its effectiveness in influencing consumer decisions during promotional events.

Social media engagement also plays a crucial role in online shopping, with over 50% of respondents actively using these platforms to contact brands.

More than 95% expressed satisfaction with the support received on social media, highlighting the growing importance of these channels as communication platforms for consumers.

The Online Shopper's Mindset 

These significant statistics reflect a shift in consumer expectations, emphasizing the importance of diverse communication channels for a seamless online shopping experience.

The survey also comes at a time when 80% of U.K. consumers are gearing up for a substantial online shopping spree, with over 50% planning to accomplish more than half of their holiday shopping through digital platforms.

The preference for digital channels is not limited to shopping, as the survey indicates that 61% of respondents favor customer service interactions with brands over digital channels rather than in-person.

This shift signals the need for brands to adapt their customer service strategies to meet the increasing demand for online communication.

"The survey confirms trends we have been seeing for years," Mitto CEO Andrea Giacomini commented. "Consumers are using more channels than ever to engage with their favorite brands, specifically when it comes to large shopping events."

Alongside the rising preference for digital channels, comes predictions of the growth of digital advertising spending in the following year. According to a study from Dentsu, digital spending is projected to reach $442.6 billion in 2024, accounting for 58.8% of global ad spending.

Mitto's study also comes amid special discount holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving have witnessed notable surges in eCommerce spending. 

With the steady and rapid growth of online shopping, understanding consumer preferences is key to navigating the ever-changing eCommerce market.

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