7-Eleven Rebrands Signature Slurpee in New ‘Anything Flows’ Campaign

7-Eleven Rebrands Signature Slurpee in New ‘Anything Flows’ Campaign

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 13, 2023

Global convenience store chain 7-Eleven just launched a campaign to give its signature Slurpee a fresh new look after 57 years. 

The “Anything Flows” campaign is based on the idea that “no matter what your flow is, Slurpee drinks have a flavor to match.” It will feature two new designs for both small and large stay-cold Slurpee drink cups inspired by “The Brainfreeze Collective,” the brand’s propriety customer research panel.  

“While no color, logo or design can change the nostalgic feel you get from enjoying your Slurpee drink, rebrands have been an important aspect of the brand’s history. We want to always remain timeless, yet nostalgic for our customer,” said 7-Eleven Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer, Marissa Jarratt. 

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Additionally, the overall campaign will feature new TV commercials and social media promotions. The convenience store giant has come up with three different summer-themed TV spots highlighting the different flavors of Slushee: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Piña Colada.  

“It’s a world where Anything Flows – bright flavors come to life, individuals embrace self-expression, and the fizzy, frozen chill is undeniably Slurpee,” the company wrote in a press release

In line with the rebrand, 7-Eleven will also release new merchandise to “ring in the next era of Slurpee.” The limited-edition capsule collection will include pool floats shaped like Slurpee drinks, Anything Flows t-shirts, and more in time for the summer.  

“For nearly 60 years, Slurpee has been a timeless icon, bringing our communities together to help create moments of joy through the weird and wonderful experience that is the Slurpee drink,” Jarratt shared. 

“Now, as we usher in the new generation of Slurpee, we celebrate this iconic brand’s evolution and its continuous ability to add a little more awesome to our customer’s day.”  

The “Anything Flows” campaign was made in collaboration with the creative agency, Dentsu.

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