5 Most Creative Ad Campaigns Which Marked February

5 Most Creative Ad Campaigns Which Marked February

Published: March 04, 2024

February is the shortest month (even if it’s a leap year), packed with love, lingering winter chills, and, surprisingly, a burst of creative advertising brilliance.

While hearts and flowers take center stage, brands often use February as a launchpad for unique and engaging campaigns.

This year was no exception, with several initiatives rising above the noise, not just during the Super Bowl's high-stakes ad battle, but throughout the entire month.

So, here’s my take on the five most creative ad campaigns of February that stood out in a crowded marketplace, regardless of whether they aired during the Super Bowl or stole hearts during Valentine’s Day.

The Michael CeraVe Campaign

Skincare firm CeraVe’s Super Bowl campaign is at the top of my list, and here's why.

First, it roused the curiosity of fans and netizens when a company gets an unlikely celebrity endorser — all because his surname is in the brand name.

Let’s face it, who would’ve thought that "Scott Pilgrim" actor Michael Cera would star in a skincare product’s ad campaign?

This in itself makes it both unique and attention-grabbing.

The campaign was executed in a way that rumors started spreading on social media, with the help of influencers, if Cera owns CeraVe. Because again, his name is in the brand.

The airing of the ad during Super Bowl 58 shows how creative and hilarious the commercial is.

The elaborate and over-the-top scenarios that make up most of the ad were revealed to be just a video presentation that Cera himself prepared so he could sell himself as the brand’s endorser to a room of skeptical CeraVe executives.

The campaign is as creative and unique as can be.

It was a long con that paid off big time, even winning the Super Clio Award.

DoorDash Hits the Target with 'All the Ads' and ‘Flowers for Every Valentine’

Imagine the thrill of not just watching the Super Bowl, but potentially winning every single product advertised during the game!

Over eight million people shared that same excitement, frantically entering the code hidden within DoorDash's commercial.

DoorDash's huge giveaway kept millions glued to the screen for the chance to win it all, including BMW’s latest electric SUV (endorsed by Christopher Walken).

The lucky winner, Jonathan H., walked away with a prize pool of 2,468 items worth nearly half a million dollars. With this, DoorDash managed to affiliate itself with all the brands advertising during the Big Game.

It milked the sweepstakes for all possible media mileage as every step of the process, from announcing the winner to delivering the prizes to his doorstep, was posted on social media and featured on news channels.

DoorDash sang from the grave (well, almost) this Valentine’s Day.

The playful campaign uses catchy original tunes and singing tombstones to highlight how most men never receive flowers in their lifetimes.

“In 90 years I lived, not one Valentine got me flowers. Now I’m six feet under, and I get them by the hour.” I just love it when everything rhymes!

The ‘Next to Stok’d’ Ad

This campaign is like a secret handshake for cannabis enthusiasts.

Canadian cannabis retailer Stok'd was faced with strict advertising laws that prevented them from directly promoting their products.

But instead of throwing in the towel, they rolled with the punches and created a crafty campaign that bypassed the regulations without breaking them.

Their secret weapon?

Clever wordplay and suggestive imagery in promoting the store next door. Imagine a nail salon owner offering you the "dopest nails," or an electrician showcasing their wiring work at a Stok’d store.

It's a playful dance around the rules that gets their message across loud and clear, all while staying legal.

I love how Stok’d thought outside the box and delivered a cheeky campaign that maybe even gave them more buzz than a direct ad would.

Corona’s Giant Hammock Stunt

Without using celebrities and flashy ads, Corona went big.

A colossal hammock printed with the popular beer brand’s logo was installed between two skyscrapers in bustling Lima, Peru, promising a taste of paradise amidst the urban jungle.

It had tongues wagging, fingers typing, and of course, cameras flashing, quickly going viral on social media platforms.

But a video released by Corona revealed the hammock to be a masterful CGI creation, a result of the brand’s decision to use faux advertising.

Although there have been many notable CGI ads last year, I think this one works in its simplicity.

What is more perfect than lounging in a hammock while drinking a bottle of ice-cold beer?


McDonald's is taking the anime hype to the next level with a creative campaign that brings the fictional restaurant WcDonald’s to life.

As an anime fan myself, this gets me excited!

Manga and anime artists have been known to get around copyright infringement laws by changing brand names and logos a bit.

In this case, the iconic “M” becomes a “W.”

McDonald's is going all out, creating a real-life experience for anime fans that includes a new sauce, packaging, and anime characters illustrated by popular illustrator Acky Bright, original anime shorts and manga chapters released weekly from February 26 to March 18, and a contest for aspiring anime artists.

This campaign is a breath of fresh air in the world of fast-food marketing, at least two steps better than typical celebrity endorsements and limited-edition menu items.

It's a win-win for both sides: anime fans get to experience their favorite world in real life, and McDonald's gets to tap into a passionate and loyal customer base.

February 2024 proved to be a month brimming with bold marketing ideas, mostly because of Super Bowl LVIII and Valentine’s Day, but there are still some brands that have broken through the noise with campaigns that are both unique and engaging.

From sparking laughter with unexpected celebrity partnerships to cleverly navigating regulatory hurdles, these five campaigns showcase the power of thinking outside the box and embracing targeted approaches.

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