215 McCann Helps Minecraft Mangroves Flourish in Real Life

215 McCann Helps Minecraft Mangroves Flourish in Real Life

Published: November 16, 2022

215 McCann is back at work with Minecraft, one of the world’s largest gaming platforms.

The San Francisco-based advertising agency that helped launch the game's “Rooted Together” campaign in June is assisting the platform in creating yet another video, celebrating the success of the recent campaign.

“Rooted Together” aims to educate Minecraft gamers about the crucial role mangrove trees play in the ecosystem. Since June, players have been growing Minecraft mangroves and learning about their vital ecological importance. Moreover, through the game, gamers were also gathering funds for The Nature Conservancy, a charity looking “to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends.”

Now that the campaign has raised a whopping $227,000 for the charity’s mangrove restoration efforts, 215 McCann and Minecraft have released an extension of their initial campaign video, this time called “Minecraft Mangroves: Making an Impact.”

Jawahi Bertolli, a well-known wildlife filmmaker and photographer, directed the short film. In it, four popular content creators highlighted some of the successes of the “Rooted Together” campaign.

Minecraft mangroves help reduce CO2 levels and support the return of wildlife to its natural habitat. Real-life mangroves do the same, as stated by Zulfa Hassan, or “Mama Mikoko” (Mother Mangrove) in the latest video. Mama Mikoko is a Kenyan conservationist and leader of a group called the Mtangawanda Women’s Association. The women leading the group are committed to rehabilitating local mangrove forests.

So far, they have planted 69,533 mangroves since 2018.

215 McCann has been assisting Minecraft’s broader “Build a Better World” campaign which is “using the game as a vessel to make a real-world impact for the protectors of our coastlines.”

The funds raised from the campaign were sent out “to regional mangrove efforts around the world.”

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