DesignRush Announces August’s Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces August’s Best Design Award Winners

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: August 21, 2023

DesignRush has announced its August selection of Best Design Awards.

DesignRush’s monthly Best Design Awards showcase the top design agencies making waves in a variety of industries.

August’s Best Design Awards feature everything from an eye-catching print design for a tourist map to a unique brand packaging design taking an innovative approach to sexual health and much more.

Best Website Design: Roger Junior Portfolio by Roger Junior 

Roger Junior is a UX designer whose website design for his own portfolio grabs visitors’ attention and stands out.  

Roger Junior website portfolio

Dynamic elements, vivid colors, and neon details make this website an eye-catcher from the start, while the implementation of carefully purposed white space ensures a visual balance.

Junior also implements various typographical elements and occasional illustrations to create a playful atmosphere for his website visitors. By balancing a variety of elements, Roger Junior’s portfolio website immediately stands out. 

Best Logo Design: Meow by Wedo Studio  

Wedo Studio received August’s Best Logo Design Award for its minimalist design for the texting app Meow.  

The brand is represented in multiple layers. The logo shape is a minimalistic outline of a cat, speaking to the name of the company, but also represents a speech bubble that speaks to the function of the texting app.

Additionally, the logo’s color gradient combines blue and purple symbolizing energy and reliability

Meow Logo

The Meow logo utilizes the best aspects of logo design, by conveying brand essence and personality through shape, color, and symbolism. 

Best Print Design: Budva & Petrovac Tourist Map by Allinclusive 

Allinclusive combined everything a map could need to create a unique vision of a coastal paradise for the Budva & Petrovac Tourist Map. 

Budva & Petrovac Tourist Map

Both the font and color choice inspired by the Mediterranean create a vibrant and playful atmosphere, sure to get the vacation mood going.

By prioritizing custom illustrations and combining them with real-life photographs, the Budva & Petrovac Tourist Map offers as much excitement as it does practicality, offering tourists a realistic glimpse into what awaits them.  

Most importantly, this design agency didn’t limit itself to aesthetics.

Instead, the placement of QR codes and itinerary suggestions offers a note of practicality, making this map more than a way to get around and transforming it into a detailed holiday guide. 

Best App Design: SnoreFree by Ein-des-ein  

SnoreFree, the treatment app to remedy snoring, won this month’s Best App Design award for its user-centric features and easy-to-use display. 

SnoreFree App

SnoreFree’s minimal design invites users to track their progress through calendar features and interactive exercises, allowing them to progress to the next level only once they completed the previous one.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the mobile app development is its Mirror feature which allows users to test the accuracy of their exercises using their front-side cameras in real time.

Software development agency Ein-des-ein took an all-too-common problem and turned it into an interactive and intuitive app that, with the help of regular exercises and progress tracking, aims to eliminate snoring altogether.

Best Package Design: Moving Fruity by Kindly Made Studio  

Kindly Made Studio, a brand packaging design agency specializing in plant-based consumer goods, had a fruity take on sexual health, winning it August’s award for Best Package Design.

The agency’s interpretation of sexual health and empowerment was presented through its packaging design for Moving Fruity, a line of sex toys taking inspiration from fruit shapes.

Moving Fruity’s packaging design breaks all taboos with its upfront and informative descriptions and appealing color palette featuring pastels and deep hues.  

Moving Fruity Packaging

Its playful and straightforward approach to sexual health is reflected through the packaging, presented subtly and comically, through a modern design that would be sure to draw attention.

Best Video Design: LucidLink 3D by The Unicorn  

The Unicorn’s 3D video design for LucidLink took the crown for its animated spot promoting the LucidLink remote working platform, recognizing the pain points that remote workers deal with daily.

Through an all too relatable situation for remote employees, the LucidLink 3D video tells the humorous story of one remote worker introducing the LucidLink platform to another, drawing attention to its useful features through a carefully chosen color scheme and motivating background music.

The Unicorn opted for an unusual strategy for video marketing, omitting narration and spoken dialogue, in favor of strong visual storytelling – a unique approach that proved just as effective.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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