Apple's Next iOS Update Is Going To Be 'Ambitious'

Apple's Next iOS Update Is Going To Be 'Ambitious'

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 13, 2023

Apple is taking its next software update more seriously than ever in an "ambitious" effort to match the technology of other tech giants. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple's Head of Software Engineering Craig Federighi decided to halt development on the upcoming iOS 18 and other operating systems due to initial quality issues in October.

Though short-lived, this break allowed engineers to spend a week focusing on addressing glitches, debugging and improving performance. The last time the company took such action was in 2019 when it addressed several bugs and even postponed several features of iOS 12 and 13 due to poor quality.

iOS 18 To Be Crucial for Apple’s AI Efforts

Apple's upcoming iOS 18 update is going to be crucial for the company as it aims to compete with Google and Microsoft in generative AI, especially since the iPhone 15's successor reportedly won't see major changes next year.

With this, the company is relying on impressive software to drive sales. The recent software development freeze is a testament to Apple's heightened commitment to quality. 

Looking ahead, Apple faces a challenging task with its 2024 software, described as "ambitious and compelling" by senior management, introducing new features, revamping designs and improving security and performance.

While the company aims for groundbreaking features, its success hinges on ensuring the software's performance and quality are solid for users to appreciate the innovations.

Apple's commitment to a fresh slate of competitive services lines up with recent reports of the tech giant integrating generative AI in its next line of iPads and iPhones. 

With investments amounting to $620 million in 2023 and expenditures predicted to soar up to $4.75 billion by 2024, there is no doubt the tech giant is taking its AI plans seriously — it's only a matter of how well it can compete with leading AI establishments.

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