Apple’s New iPhones To Get Extended Battery Life With In-House Tech

Apple’s New iPhones To Get Extended Battery Life With In-House Tech

Published: November 10, 2023

Apple is rumored to be developing its proprietary in-house batteries set to debut in 2025, possibly with the iPhone 17.

These batteries are anticipated to deliver enhanced performance, marking a departure from the conventional lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones.

While Apple has maintained stringent control over the quality of iPhone components, the batteries have largely remained like those found in other smartphones.

However, recent reports suggest a shift in this paradigm.

According to a recent ETNews report, Apple is actively working on its battery technology, aiming for "significantly improved performance compared to the existing one."

The company is expected to introduce its in-house batteries commercially in 2025, potentially integrated into the iPhone 17 series.

Apple's involvement in battery development extends beyond design, with the company reportedly contributing to the development of essential battery components, including the cathode and anode.

The report indicates that Apple's dedicated efforts in battery innovation have been underway for several years, with the anticipated unveiling set for 2025.

If these reports hold, the fall of 2025 could witness the launch of the iPhone 17 series, promising a notable improvement in battery life.

This move could also align with Apple's response to new EU regulations, mandating removable batteries in smartphones by 2027.

Utilizing Apple's proprietary batteries might make third-party replacements more challenging, reinforcing Apple's closed ecosystem.

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