Humane AI Pin Pricing Rumored – $699 With $24 Monthly Sub

Humane AI Pin Pricing Rumored – $699 With $24 Monthly Sub

Published: November 09, 2023

As anticipation builds ahead of the official reveal, we've got the scoop on the Humane AI Pin, and it's all about the price. 

A recent report reveals that the Humane AI Pin will hit the market at $699. The package isn't just about the sleek, rounded square design; it also includes a charger and two ingenious "battery boosters" that not only supply power but also double as magnetic clips for attaching to your clothing. 

The truly eye-catching feature is the $24 monthly subscription known as the "Humane Subscription."

This subscription delivers cellular data access and a dedicated phone number through what appears to be a Humane Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) utilizing the T-Mobile network.

Subscribers will also gain access to cloud storage for photos and videos, along with the "unrestricted use of AI models" from tech giants Microsoft and OpenAI. 

The Humane AI Pin is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, packing a camera, depth and motion sensors, a unique "personic speaker," and a futuristic green laser projector.

With voice commands, a responsive touchpad, and support for Bluetooth headphones, it's a tech enthusiast's dream.

This device ditches the conventional wake word and instead relies on physical activation or touch. When the AI Pin is recording, a handy "Trust Light" indicator located at the top signals its operation. 

Running on the mysterious "Cosmos" operating system, the AI Pin's true nature will be unveiled at the official event later today, per The Verge.

Previous demos have showcased its ability to summarize emails and craft messages in your own style. Excitingly, Tidal integration and a range of photography features are expected. For accessing stored content from other devices, a user-friendly "" portal is set to make your life even more convenient.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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