Reddit Testing In-House Add-Ons for Content Moderation

Reddit Testing In-House Add-Ons for Content Moderation

Published: November 08, 2023

Reddit is testing its inaugural in-house add-ons via the Developer Platform.

Initially available to select subreddits and moderators, these tools empower effective comment thread management, spam control, and live scoreboards for sports subreddits, Reddit spokesperson Courtney Geesey-Dorr revealed for The Verge. 

The Developer Platform, launched in August 2022, provides developers with the means to create apps, bots, and mod tools for Reddit.

While still in closed beta, a few moderators and bot developers have already tested moderation tools in specific communities. 

Though the general availability date for the Developer Platform remains undisclosed, Geesey-Dorr notes that this beta will gather insights, assess add-on functionalities, and ensure platform stability before wider access.

Reddit's vision is to eventually make these add-ons accessible to all users. 

The initial roll-out includes a "soccer league communities" scoreboard add-on, with discussions ongoing for additional subreddits.

Reddit is also exploring other add-ons, like poll variations and countdown timer posts, set to undergo testing in the coming months. 

Reddit's venture into in-house add-ons comes in a year of change and challenge. Issues with usage-based API pricing led to user protests and the discontinuation of third-party apps.

Meanwhile, Reddit introduced a "Contributor Program" for converting Reddit Gold into real money and phased out its blockchain-based Community Points product. However, the platform continues to invest in NFT avatars.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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