YouTube’s Crackdown on Ad-Blockers Goes Global

YouTube’s Crackdown on Ad-Blockers Goes Global

Published: November 01, 2023

YouTube has begun to crack down on ad-blockers across the globe in its latest campaign, according to Christopher Lawton, YouTube's communications manager.

While only certain users were last month nudged to disable ad-blockers or subscribe to YouTube Premium, now, all users with ad-blockers are prompted to whitelist or disable them.

Commenting on the campaign, Lawton stressed that ad-blockers violate YouTube's terms of service and prevent support to creators and access to content.

Intensified efforts are shown through pop-up notifications, preventing ad-blocker users from video playback unless they whitelist or disable it.

YouTube, which initially experimented with limiting video access for ad-blockers in June, now expanded its efforts globally after registering a decline in ad revenue for the past three quarters.

YouTube has tweaked ad delivery, adding unskippable 30-second TV app ads and longer but less frequent ad breaks. These changes aim to promote YouTube Premium, offering an ad-free experience for $13.99 per month.

However, a recent price hike and the discontinuation of Premium Lite last month might affect its appeal to some users.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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