Google’s Bard Launches Real-Time Responses & Stops Mid-Sentence

Google’s Bard Launches Real-Time Responses & Stops Mid-Sentence

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: October 31, 2023

In a major new update, Google's Bard AI chatbot has been enhanced to respond in real-time to user queries, a leap forward aligning with rivals like ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

The new feature allows Bard to display responses progressively, as they are generated, offering a more dynamic and engaging user experience.

How Bard's Real-Time Response Works

Imagine you're looking for "fun indoor things to do with kids on Halloween." With Bard's real-time response, as you type your query, the AI begins generating a response immediately, showing you each line as it's crafted.

This not only creates a more conversational feel but also enables you to guide the AI in the direction you prefer, cutting off responses that don't match your intent.

Check out this step-for-step guide to using Google’s Bard with its newly added features:

Step 1: Start typing your query about "fun indoor things to do with kids on Halloween" into Bard.

Prompting guide for Google Bard

Step 2: Observe as Bard begins to generate a response in real-time, showing each line as it’s created.

The second step in Bard prompting guide

Step 3: Engage with the conversational dynamic of the AI as it crafts the response.

The third step in Bard prompting guide

Step 4: If the response starts veering off from what you're looking for, click the "Skip response" button.

The fourth step in Bard prompting guide

Step 5: Stop the AI mid-way through its response to adjust your query or ask for a new suggestion.

The fifth step in Bard prompting guide

Step 6: Opt for complete responses instead, if preferred, by adjusting your settings.

The final step in Bard prompting guide

For those preferring a more traditional interaction, Bard retains the option to deliver complete responses, toggled via settings.

You Can Now Integrate Add-Ons Into Bard

Bard now boasts a more robust suite of capabilities with its Extensions.

These integrations allow Bard to pull in relevant information from various Google services, like Gmail for checking calendars, Google Maps for directions, and YouTube for related videos — all within a single conversation flow.

"For example, you could ask Bard to draft a Halloween party invitation using Docs, search for costume ideas on YouTube, and then send invites through Gmail, streamlining your preparation process," explains Yury Pinsky, Bard's director of product management.

Addressing privacy concerns, Google assures users they have complete control over these Extensions, with no human reviewers seeing content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive used by Bard to generate responses.

Additionally, the "Google it" button empowers users to verify Bard's answers, providing confidence in the chatbot's reliability.

Google's commitment to enhancing Bard's capabilities while ensuring user trust is evident. "We're committed to making Bard more trustworthy by not only showing the confidence of our response but admitting when we make a mistake," says Jack Krawczyk, the director of Bard at Google.

As AI chatbots become increasingly integrated into our daily digital experiences, Google's updates to Bard mark a new era of interactive and intuitive AI assistance. With real-time responses and powerful Extensions, Bard is poised to become an even more indispensable tool for users worldwide.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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