Google Search Allows You To Track and Hide Your Personal Info

Google Search Allows You To Track and Hide Your Personal Info

Published: October 30, 2023

Google has unveiled a new feature that allows you to request the removal of search results that display your personal information. This can be particularly crucial if you value online privacy and wish to keep a low digital profile. 

If you're eager to prevent strangers from accessing your phone number, email address, or home address when they search for your name on Google, this feature can be a game-changer.

However, this feature is currently available only in select countries, with plans for expansion to additional regions. The feature, dubbed "Results about you," lets you ask Google to remove specific web pages containing your personal contact information from search results.

Importantly, it doesn't entail erasing the information from the internet or the original website; it simply makes it more challenging for people to access.

To utilize this feature, follow these steps: 

  • Conduct a Google search using your name
  • Locate the web page containing the information you wish to remove and click on the three vertical dots adjacent to it
  • Opt for "Remove result" situated in the top right corner

You will encounter five options. If you aim to remove your phone number, email address, or home address, select "It shows my contact info." For other requests, click the arrow next to the alternative options. 

Click the right-pointing arrow and proceed with "Continue." Enter your name and the relevant contact information you want to eliminate. For instance, if you intend to remove your phone number, ensure that you input it.

Then, click "Continue" followed by "Send." If you wish to review your removal requests, click the "Go to removal requests" button. Typically, it takes around 3-4 weeks for Google to remove a search result, although this process may be expedited under specific circumstances. 

Monitoring the status of your request is equally straightforward. Here's how: 

  • Visit the "Data & privacy" section of your Google account and scroll down to "My Activity" 
  • Click on the three dots in the search bar and choose "Other activity"
  • Click on "Manage results about you" to view the status of your request

Moreover, you can use a designated link to submit requests for additional reasons. If you wish to remove other types of personal information, such as bank account numbers, opt for the "Content contains your personal information" option. 

This feature is a valuable tool to safeguard your privacy and mitigate the risk of identity theft by making it more challenging for individuals to access your personal information on Google.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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