Microsoft, FRISS Upgrade AI Fraud Model Explanations

Microsoft, FRISS Upgrade AI Fraud Model Explanations

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 30, 2023

FRISS, a leading provider of trust automation solutions, has teamed up with Microsoft to strengthen its AI fraud model explanations using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

This collaboration is set to elevate the world of explainable AI to new heights.

FRISS's solutions will soon be accessible on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace, available in both the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Appsource.

What Azure OpenAI’s Integration With FRISS Offers

The integration of Azure OpenAI Service into FRISS' offerings brings several use cases. These include employing a fraud bot, network explainer, commercial underwriting chatbot, and claim summarizer.

Furthermore, FRISS has plans to enhance existing capabilities, like its underwriting indicator engine, to enhance the overall precision of commercial underwriting data.

A key development from FRISS is the introduction of "smart" explanations for its AI model predictions, aligning with its commitment to responsible AI.

This integration enables FRISS to transform potential fraud cases into captivating and easily understandable narratives, changing how insurance professionals and fraud investigators interpret and communicate potential fraud incidents.

"Every time our AI model makes a prediction, we automatically create sentences or bullet points to explain the rationale behind the prediction," Christian van Leeuwen, Co-Founder and CSO of FRISS, shared in a press release.

Matthew Kerner, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Cloud for Industry, expressed the tech giant's delight in supporting the digital transformation of insurance industry processes.

"With a deep understanding of the insurance domain, FRISS has the know-how to apply Azure OpenAI Service responsibly to core business processes of insurers and other regulated firms," he concluded.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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