Amazon Enlists Two New Robots to Help With Work

Amazon Enlists Two New Robots to Help With Work

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 27, 2023

With over 750,000 robots helping its employees in the workplace, Amazon is launching two new robots and systems that help ensure a safe work environment and fulfill customer orders.

Sequoia is the eCommerce giant's newest robot system helping employees create accurate delivery estimates, work with greater speed, and improve employee safety. 

It integrates multiple robot systems to containerize Amazon's inventory into totes and brings together mobile robots and gantry systems, all into one workstation. It lets mobile robots move containerized inventory into a gantry. 

With the new system, employees won't have to reach above their heads or squat down to get customer orders, reducing the risk of injuries in the workplace.

Sequoia speeds up the identification of store inventory by up to 75% and reduces order processing time by up to 25%, allowing Amazon to predict shipping times with more precision and increasing the number of goods shipped off per day. 

Meet Digit, Amazon's New Bipedal Robot

Expanding its collaboration with Agility Robotics, the retail giant is enacting a series of tests for its new bipedal robot, Digit, to use in its operations.

Digit, designed to navigate and manipulate items in confined warehouse spaces, is well-suited for human-friendly building layouts.

The company envisions scaling the use of mobile manipulators like Digit to work seamlessly alongside its employees. In its initial application, Digit will streamline highly repetitive tasks like tote recycling, enhancing the efficiency of relocating totes after they have been emptied.

"From the hardware to the artificial intelligence embedded in our robotics, we are passionate about technology that makes the work experience of our employees safer, easier, and less repetitive," the company concluded in a statement.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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