The Raspberry Pi 5 Has Finally Landed

The Raspberry Pi 5 Has Finally Landed

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 26, 2023

Raspberry Pi 5, the latest microcomputer from the Raspberry Pi company, is finally in stores, with shipping officially starting next week. 

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According to the company, the first batch of mass-produced Raspberry Pi 5s will be shipped first to subscribers of The MagPi and HackSpace magazines who utilized the Priority Boarding promo.

Approved resellers will then have received initial stock for the product in 4 GB and 8 GB.

"We are continuing to increase our production rate, to fulfill all backorders, and get Raspberry Pi in stock at all our Approved Resellers, by the end of the year – by then we expect you to be able to just buy one straight off the shelf," the company wrote

Raspberry Pi 5 Showcases Improves Over Predecessor

Initially unveiled in September, the Raspberry Pi 5 is "virtually every aspect" an upgrade from the Raspberry Pi 4, and offers a "no-compromises user experience."

The company claims that the new single-board computer works twice as fast as its predecessor, and is the first of Raspberry Pi's creations to feature in-house silicon. 

It is equipped with a strong 64-bit quad-core Arm Cortex-A76 processor running at a brisk 2.4GHz, ensuring swift and efficient operation.

The Raspberry Pi 5 also boasts an 800MHz VideoCore VII graphics chip, a component that, according to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, delivers a noteworthy enhancement in graphics performance.

What sets the Raspberry Pi 5 apart is the inclusion of a southbridge component. The southbridge, an integral part of the chipset responsible for facilitating communication with peripheral devices, paves the way for significant improvements in peripheral performance and functionality.

Moreover, the device introduces the capability to connect up to two cameras or displays through two four-lane 1.5Gbps MIPI transceivers. For the first time, the Raspberry Pi also features a single-lane PCI Express 2.0 interface, extending support to high-bandwidth peripherals.

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