Apple Likely To Release New Macs on October 30

Apple Likely To Release New Macs on October 30

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 25, 2023

An Apple launch event is officially happening on October 30 at 8 p.m. ET.

Apple has begun sending invites for the launch event on Tuesday, which will also be live-streamed online.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg hinted the event would happen either on the 30th or 31st of October and will be a "Mac-centered product launch" to reveal the rumored 24-inch iMac model.

Suspicion arose due to the shortage of iMacs, 13-inch Macbook Pros, and high-end MacBook Pros in Apple stores, indicating that these products would soon be replaced with newer models.

Eventually, Apple updated its event page, which now includes the Finder logo, signifying that the event may indeed be a Mac event.

Additionally, the tagline on Apple's invite is "scary fast," teasing the possibility of chip updates in a Halloween-themed launch event.

Apple to Update Its TV App

The tech giant is also making plans to update its TV app and launch a redefined version of it "around December," Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

As part of the update, Apple will consolidate all of its TV offerings into the TV app, which can be streamed on all devices.

This means that the iTunes-based Movies and TV Shows apps will be removed from the interface, as well as all sections related to iTunes on iOS and iPadOS. 

Additionally, the new-and-improved TV app will include a panel on the left corner of the screen dedicated to video categories.

Apple Pay Officially Launched in the U.S.

Apple Pay, the tech giant's "buy now pay later" online payment solution, has finally been launched to qualified U.S. users today.

The service was previously available as a "pre-release version" only to a limited number of users.

Its widespread launch follows the removal of a sentence from its app description: "Apple Pay Later is currently only available to customers invited to access a prerelease version."

Pay Later allows user purchases to be split into four payment schedules spread across six weeks, collecting zero interest and no additional fees. 

Users can apply for a loan in their Wallet app that can range between $50 to $1,000. 

A soft credit pull will be done during the application to ensure the user's healthy card balance before they can make a loan.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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