DesignRush Announces October's Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces October's Best Design Award Winners

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: October 25, 2023

DesignRush has announced its October selection of Best Design Awards winners.

DesignRush’s monthly Best Design Awards present the top design agencies leaving an impact on a variety of industries.

Best Website Design: Gapsy Studio

Gapsy Studio's website design offers a gallery-inspired experience with its novel horizontal scrolling. From its whimsical loading screen to the immersive 3D interiors, the design harmoniously blends top-notch structure and artistry.

Achieving this blend sets Gapsy Studio among DesignRush's elite web designs.

Upon "entry," visitors encounter a 3D peach-lettered inscription with striking shadows, enhancing realism. Precise lighting from the ceiling slats and floor reflections further accentuate this realism.

Post an engaging widescreen video, the site transitions to showcase the studio's standout works, mirroring a museum tour.


Plant Potion's logo artfully captures its plant-loving essence. With eccentric serif typography, the design beautifully showcases the brand's high-end stance and deep-rooted passion for the verdant world.

Swirling lines add playful flair, illustrating the joy plants bring. Crafted by B Creative Studio, the emblem marries Plant Potion's values with arresting visuals, making it an instant hit among plant enthusiasts. A true testament to logo design excellence! 

Best Print Design: PUNEET SAKHUJA

Illuminati Vodka's print design, crafted by Puneet Sakhuja, exudes luxury with every detail. Merging high-res images with elegant typography and a sophisticated color scheme masterfully underscores the brand's premium status.

The visuals also chart the journey of the seven-times-distilled rye vodka, narrating its exclusivity. Crafting such luxe imagery is an art; clearly, Puneet Sakhuja is a maestro.

Best App Design: EMERGE

Aruba Customer Experience Center's mobile app design, designed by Emerge, pioneers networking via a mobile-first approach.

As part of the Aruba Meridian Engage collaboration, the duo curated a native iOS app that guides users intuitively through spaces.

After a dedicated two-day UX brainstorm at Emerge's base, the app emerged with stellar features like indoor navigation, location alerts, and point-of-sale integrations, showcasing the hallmark of top-tier app development.


Crafted by A.S. Strategy Branding & Communication, The Wine Bag's package design marries high fashion with winemaking tradition.

Exclusively for Lidl, this Limited Edition bag-in-box design mimics a chic handbag, boasting flaps, side pockets, and a rope handle.

More than just a wine container, it's a fashionable accessory, blending style and substance. Its appeal to both style mavens and wine lovers hints at the future of fashion-inspired packaging.

Best Video Design: PAPAYA FILMS

Modivo's video design, crafted by PAPAYA FILMS, offers a vivid, psychedelic escape from typical commercials. Venturing beyond the mundane, it introduces a vibrant model amidst a drab crowd.

A tear from her eye becomes a glittering cascade, pulling viewers into her stylish realm. This entrancing journey, filled with smooth transitions and surreal visuals, highlights her exploration of individuality with Modivo.

Truly, a video design masterpiece!

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