AWS and F1 Are Changing Fans’ Experience Through AI

AWS and F1 Are Changing Fans’ Experience Through AI

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 23, 2023

In a high-octane sport like racing where every second counts, it's almost impossible for the human eye to detect which racer is leading without looking into post-race analysis. 

This is why in 2018, Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnered with Formula One (F1) racing and came up with an innovation to change the way viewers experience the sport.

“F1 can now deliver more data-driven insights that help to educate and entertain fans—from timing and telemetry data captured by hundreds of sensors on each F1 car, relayed real-time to AWS compared to historical data stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service,"  AWS Principal Sports Partnership Manager Neil Ralph said in a statement.

F1 Uses AI To Track Racing Cars

Amazon Sagemaker, the company's own machine learning (ML) technology, analyzes data from the hundreds of sensors on each car through a state-of-the-art feature called F1 Insights.

This AI-powered tool offers fans real-time insights into the fast-paced decisions drivers make, as well as the strategies employed by the teams during the race.

Meanwhile, Battle Forecast, which predicts how many laps it will take for a car to be within striking distance of the car it's aiming to overtake — adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for fans as they witness thrilling on-track battles.

Among these innovations are the Predicted Pit Stop Strategy, which uses historical data to analyze race strategy during the first lap and provide viewers with insights as to when the racer should make his next pit stop, the Hybrid Energy System which lets viewers know how drivers utilize their electrical energy, and more.

AWS, F1’s Partnership Is Just the Beginning

Since F1 teamed up with AWS, the organization has doubled its workforce and greatly expanded its digital presence.

This collaboration has not only granted access to more affordable and scalable computing resources but also streamlined the utilization of a diverse range of AWS services to improve both F1's internal operations and the fan experience.

"The speed at which our AWS deployments went from experimental to race critical was surprising. AWS has quickly become ingrained in our race DNA," shared Chris Roberts, F1 director of IT.

"We can go live with new features that are adding value for fans quickly. It’s a fantastic capability and a testament to the speed at which we can build ideas into products and have them integrated into the F1 ecosystem," he concluded.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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