Google Ads To Shut Down Four Attribution Models

Google Ads To Shut Down Four Attribution Models

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 18, 2023

Google is finally shutting down four of its rules-based attribution models in Google Ads and Analytics in October due to "increasingly low adoption rates" — an update it first announced in April.

"These models don't provide the flexibility needed to adapt to evolving consumer journeys. Data-driven attribution uses advanced AI to understand the impact each touchpoint has on a conversion," the company explained.

The four models to be removed from the Analytics interface and Admin API are as follows: 

  • First-click
  • Linear
  • Time Decay 
  • Position-based

"If your existing property is using one of the impacted models, it will be defaulted to Paid and organic data-driven attribution," Google wrote in its Analytics support page.

In light of the changes, paid and organic last click and Google paid channels last click models will continue to be available, alongside paid and organic data-driven attribution.

The Change Raises Concerns Among Marketers

The latest announcement from Google underscores the rising role of AI in digital marketing. While this change might not have a widespread impact, it does raise concerns about transparency among marketers.

Google has not fully disclosed how its data-driven attribution (DDA) model allocates credit to various channels, leaving marketers to essentially take it on faith that Google's approach is accurate. This lack of control is a growing concern within the marketing community, and it seems to tip the balance in Google's favor.

Conversely, these changes could open doors for third-party platforms that offer more flexible attribution solutions. Companies skeptical of Google's opaque modeling may find this to be a viable alternative, thus providing them an opportunity to regain some measure of control over their attribution metrics.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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