How Does Google’s SGE Fair Against Competitors?

How Does Google’s SGE Fair Against Competitors?

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 13, 2023

Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) just introduced new tools that make creating AI-generated text and images more accessible to users. 

Users can now generate images and written drafts through SGE simply by inputting text prompts into the Google search bar. 

To use the service, users must first sign up to Search Labs through the Google App, where they can turn on the feature in the settings.

How Does Google’s SGE Compare to DALL-E 3 and Adobe Firefly? 

In a blog post, Google said that the new SGE image generation tool will come with limitations in coordination with its prohibited use policy, and is made to help with ideation. 

Because of this, the tool cannot yet "depict photorealistic faces or any prompts that include notable individuals," according to Google spokesperson Craig Ewer. 

Source: Google

In comparison, SGE's image output resembles the texture and quality of the DALL-E image generator during its early days.

After receiving its latest update this month, OpenAI's image generator is far more capable of producing prompt-accurate and realistic images compared to Google search. 

Still, Adobe reigns supreme in the image generation category with its recently released Adobe Firefly 2 beta.

With advanced tools that allow users to mimic styles with accuracy and toggle an image's aperture, depth, and level of blur, it currently stands as the most state-of-the-art image generator compared to its competitors. 

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