Top Three Features Users Love About Adobe Firefly 2

Top Three Features Users Love About Adobe Firefly 2

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 12, 2023

Following the debut of its beta version in March, Adobe Firefly was met with positive feedback from users with its suite of AI-powered services.

This time, the second generation of the beta software is introducing a new set of models with over 100 unique features and improvements, but a select few stand out.

Here are some of the new features users are raving about from Adobe Firefly 2.

Generative Match

Generative Match allows Adobe Firefly 2 to produce multiple images that match the certain feel and style of uploaded reference images.

X user Faisal Shariff calls it the "killer feature" in the latest software update, as he shares his creations with Adobe Firefly 2 in comparison to images he produced with DALL-E, noting Firefly's ability to mimic style accurately. 

Photo Settings

When it comes to AI-generated images, one of the key issues includes AI's inability to produce realistic facial features, often smoothening skin, exaggerating a subject's focus, and more. 

But with Firefly's new Photo Settings, users can toggle an image's aperture, depth, level of blur, and field of view to produce a desired outcome. 

Through it, users can also tweak details like pores, skin tone, and more to create a more hyperrealistic image.

Prompt Suggestions

Oftentimes, one word can change the whole outcome of an AI-generated image.

Source: Adobe Firefly

This is why Adobe Firefly 2's new Prompt Suggestions help the user by auto-filling words to complete their prompts, producing different images depending on the suggestions they choose. 

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