Microsoft Backtracks on OneDrive Changes After Backlash

Microsoft Backtracks on OneDrive Changes After Backlash

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 12, 2023

Microsoft has reversed its decision to change its OneDrive storage system following immense backlash from users.

Earlier this year, the tech giant announced that it would release an update to OneDrive wherein an image uploaded into the gallery that's placed in an album would be counted twice—doubling the storage needed to accommodate that photo. 

Based on an email the company had sent, the change was slated to take effect on October 16.

At the same time, Microsoft offered OneDrive users a one-time storage bonus that would last a year once the change takes effect.

Users React to OneDrive Storage Change

This decision garnered backlash from users on social media, with some questioning how the change would improve the user experience.

After listening to its customers, Microsoft decided to revoke its decision to push through with the storage scheme, Neowin reported on Monday.

In an updated help page, Microsoft wrote: 

"On August 31, 2023, we began to communicate an upcoming update to our cloud storage infrastructure that would result in a change in how OneDrive photos and photo albums data is counted against your overall cloud storage quota.

This change was scheduled to start rolling out on October 16, 2023. Based on the feedback we received, we have adjusted our approach, we will no longer roll out this update.

We will maintain the current photo album experience, as it is today."

Earlier this year, the tech giant introduced a similar update to Outlook, where email attachments took up space in a user's OneDrive storage.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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