Google Launches New AI Tool for Doctors

Google Launches New AI Tool for Doctors

Published: October 12, 2023

Google is making a big move in the medical field with a new AI tool that helps doctors quickly find patient information. This new feature will make it easier for healthcare workers to access and use patient data.

Doctors To Easily Search Through Patient Info

Sourcing patient information has often been a tedious task for doctors as they have to search through electronic health records, written notes, and scanned files.

Google's new AI tool aims to make this process faster and easier. It provides a unified search tool that quickly retrieves relevant patient data, regardless of its storage location.

After successful tests at prestigious institutions like the Mayo Clinic, Google emphasizes the potential of this technology to significantly augment billing processes.

This is especially important nowadays as the medical sector grapples with significant staffing shortages.

Vertex AI: The Power Behind the Search

Over the past year, Google Cloud has made substantial strides in generative AI, with its Vertex AI Search platform at the forefront.

The platform allows organizations to create AI-powered search tools seamlessly. Now, Google is further refining Vertex AI to cater specifically to healthcare and life-sciences sectors.

A clinician, for instance, can promptly retrieve a patient's medication history, previous labs, and other pivotal care-related information. These search abilities can potentially revolutionize clinical workflows and care delivery.

Google Cloud's Vertex AI tool is designed with two specific features.

  • First, it's designed for simplicity. This ensures that even those with minimal technical know-how can deploy custom machine-learning models.
  • Second, this tool can scan various types of patient data, from organized to unstructured patient records.

A Peek Into the Future of Smart Care Facilities, an AI-powered ambient intelligence company, announced on October 29 the integration of Google Cloud’s generative AI tools into its Smart Care Facility platform to improve management and patient care delivery.

As explained by CEO Chakri Toleti, this collaboration inches us closer to the vision of predictive smart care facilities.

These facilities, powered by's Ambient Intelligent Sensors, provide real-time patient information, enabling remote monitoring, and AI-powered virtual care.

Aashima Gupta, the Global Director of Healthcare Strategy at Google Cloud, notes that this partnership could change the field of patient care by providing healthcare professionals with timely and relevant information.

AI Is Changing US Healthcare for the Better

Google Cloud's commitment to harnessing generative AI in healthcare is evident not just in its new search capabilities but also in its broader vision for the sector.

Burak Gokturk, VP of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions for Google Cloud encapsulates this sentiment by highlighting the transformative potential of AI-enabled search functions that can enhance clinical decision-making and overall patient care quality.

As AI continues to make advancements in the medical domain, from assisting in surgeries to streamlining administrative tasks, its potential to reshape healthcare is undeniable.

Google's latest endeavors signal a promising future, one where AI augments medical practices, driving efficiency and ensuring superior patient care.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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