Microsoft Teams' Four Fresh Features You'll Want to Use

Microsoft Teams' Four Fresh Features You'll Want to Use

Published: October 10, 2023

Microsoft has just rolled out a series of updates to Teams for Windows and Mac users.

These enhancements, which focus on performance, user experience, collaboration flexibility, and smart features, aim to optimize the overall user experience.

Let’s explore how these new Microsoft Teams app features and additions can help transform the way we collaborate.

Performance Enhancements

Gone are the days when apps felt sluggish. This time, Microsoft has taken that feedback seriously. The new Teams integrates state-of-the-art technologies, React and Edge WebView2, to fine-tune efficiency.

This integration guarantees a faster application and ensures that it demands fewer resources.

Mac users, in particular, are in for a treat. They can look forward to a palpably faster and more fluid experience during their interactions, be it chats or video meetings.

A Refined User Experience

Addressing user feedback, Microsoft has introduced adaptive display settings to Teams. This means the platform will now automatically adjust to match a user's computer display settings, be it light or dark mode.

Recognizing that colors can sometimes pose readability challenges, Teams has included an array of user-friendly themes.

Additionally, users will soon be able to mark all notifications as read with just one click. It's all about keeping things tidy and efficient.

Flexibility in Collaboration

In terms of professional communication, many companies face the challenge of working across multiple digital platforms, especially after mergers or partnerships.

The latest Teams update simplifies this process. Instead of alternating between two different Teams environments, users can now integrate them.

This feature extends to calls as well. One of Teams' standout features in this update is its emphasis on cross-tenant communication. This update aims to be a game-changer for businesses operating across multiple digital environments, be it chats, calls, or meetings.

With the cross-cloud authenticated meeting feature, users can join meetings in any Microsoft cloud, whether commercial or government, without switching accounts, ensuring data integrity and security.

A Smarter Microsoft Teams

Digital fatigue is real, and Microsoft aims to mitigate that. For those who've felt the need for a more intuitive meeting assistant, Microsoft introduced Copilot.

This digital companion acts as an aide during chats and meetings, highlighting essential discussion points without users having to sift through extensive chat logs.

During meetings, Copilot is designed to take notes, identify pivotal discussions, and even suggest subsequent action items, streamlining the collaboration process.

Users no longer have to rummage through lengthy chat threads or miss out on crucial details. Copilot ensures that the main points are always at the forefront, facilitating a more productive meeting experience.

With these enhancements, Microsoft Teams is all set to redefine the collaboration horizon, enabling users to connect, share, and achieve more together.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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