Amazon Will Give You $1 Million for Your Alien Sightings

Amazon Will Give You $1 Million for Your Alien Sightings

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 09, 2023

Ring users, the alien hunt is now on.

eCommerce giant Amazon is giving away a hefty $1 million to anyone who has actual alien footage captured using a Ring doorbell device. The open contest, aptly named "Out of This World," will run from October 4 to November 3.

Users with proof of alien life recorded on their Ring device can upload their videos in the "Scientific Evidence of the Extraterrestrial" form, which they can fill up on a new website the company made just for the contest.

Afterward, notable entries will be reviewed by meteorologist Jacob Haqq Misrad to judge whether they meet certain criteria.

While the contest has been poised as an alien hunt, signs point to Ring's new gimmick to be a Halloween campaign, encouraging its customers to decorate their front porches with "alien-inspired decor and impressive high-tech gear" to draw intergalactic neighbors. 

"You can greet your starfarer friends by adding intergalactic Quick Replies to your Ring Video Doorbell. With a handful of Alien and Halloween-themed messages you can pick from, your automatic Quick Reply will greet guests with an otherworldly response when they press the doorbell," the company wrote. 

While the home security manufacturer has momentarily stopped accepting submissions, it will soon reopen on October 12. 

Apart from the eye-catching grand prize, Ring will also give consolation prizes worth $500 in gift cards to contestants with the best costumes, accessories, and makeup.

Users React to Ring’s Alien Campaign

Netizens have taken the campaign to social media to react to the hilarious new campaign. 

"I wasn’t going to capture footage of aliens hanging out in front of my house before, but now that there’s $1M on the line you can count me in," another X user hilariously quipped.

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