Meta Creates 28 New AI Chatbots Based on Popular Figures

Meta Creates 28 New AI Chatbots Based on Popular Figures

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: September 28, 2023

With the possibilities of what can be done with AI continuing to grow, the question of what can be done with artificial intelligence development in the entertainment industry is becoming a key topic among industry leaders. 

Meta is tackling this topic head-on.  

The parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram has released a set of 28 celebrity AIs, created in cooperation with those celebrities. The list includes celebrities like Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Kendall Jenner, and more.  

The celebrity AIs will be used across all of Meta’s platforms and will be called into conversation with users, giving tips and advice from their fields of expertise, be it sports, social media, or acting. 

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What Meta Has Revealed So Far

While many aspects of Meta’s new project are yet to be released, here is what we know: 

  • The celebrity AI project was built on the Llama 2 large language model, released earlier this year 
  • The set of celebrity AIs are artificial intelligence animations, created using generative techniques 
  • The animations are trained to create cohesive user experiences and to preserve a “unique personality and tone” for each celebrity character 
  • The celebrity AI models have no audio option available for now 
  • The business model of Meta’s new project is currently unknown 

While the goal of Meta’s celebrity project is unclear, one thing is certain – the tech company is certainly looking to keep its users on their toes. 

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