Toggl’s Expert Shares Tips on How To Adjust to Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes

Toggl’s Expert Shares Tips on How To Adjust to Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: September 25, 2023

Gaining visibility within the algorithm stands as a primary obstacle for marketers aiming to excel in SEO rankings.

Recently, Google concluded its second core update of the year — an essential algorithm update for businesses and organizations to figure out their website rankings in Google's search results.

While the update's early findings signified a positive outcome for organic traffic and keyword rankings, it posed as a challenge for several businesses that reported to experiencing a drop in traffic.

Toggl Faces Challenges in the Algorithm

Productivity software company Toggl was one of the organizations that took a blow from these Google algorithmic changes.

Ilia Markov, Toggl's Marketing Director, shared in an exclusive interview with DesignRush how he and his team initially conducted a series of audits, examined over 900 pieces of content, and discarded hundreds that "no longer served any purpose."

"It was off-topic, off-brand, and wasn't generating any traffic, links, or even showing up in Google searches. So we decided to declutter and remove a lot of that content. I believe there's already too much clutter in content out there, and we didn't want to contribute to that," he explained.

Now, Toggl is pursuing a more focused strategy, zoning in on the idea of being helpful to its audience.

"We're just nailing down on these topics that we think will be useful to them and focusing on producing content for them, high-quality content," Markov concluded.

Coincidentally, Google last week announced the start of its September 2023 Helpful Content Update, which should conclude in the coming days.

Together with the update, the tech giant will bring changes to its Helpful Content System, with a focus on loosening guidance on generated content, hosting third-party content, and "faking freshness," as reported by Search Engine Journal.

Markov Shares Tips on Ranking In Google

The seasoned marketer believes that the key to standing out is to have a strong position and opinion on things that matter in the already crowded market.

For Toggl, this means the ease of use of its software, and not making it hard to monitor its people.

"We don't struggle at all. It's easy for us. And I think it wins us a lot of support and love for the brand from our audience," he told Designrush.

Markov went on to discuss the competitive and "noisy" nature of content in SaaS and marketing.

In describing their challenges, he believes that knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do and doing it. 

"It's always a balance of just finding the right things, being focused, really disciplined, and executing on the things that, that can help," he added.

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