DesignRush Announces September's Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces September's Best Design Award Winners

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: September 22, 2023

DesignRush has announced its September selection of Best Design Awards winners. 

DesignRush’s monthly Best Design Awards present the top design agencies leaving an impact on a variety of industries. 

Best Website Design: The Opportunity Agenda by Outright

Outright’s website design for The Opportunity Agenda, an organization that prioritizes social justice communication and challenges dominant white supremacist narratives, allows for a platform that is both inspirational and informative. 

The Opportunity Agenda’s website is primarily designed in an immersive dark-mode UI, an unusual choice for a website.

However, combined with carefully placed bursts of color through visuals and CTAs allows for a website that is both serious in message and interactive for its visitors.  

Combined with its minimalist layout and bold, sans-serif typography, Outright’s work for The Opportunity Agenda immediately stands out for its unique approach to a social justice platform.

Best Logo Design: RCM Law Office by Dragana Komljenovic 

Designer Dragana Komljenovic takes this month’s Best Design Award for logo design thanks to her impeccable work for the RCM Law Office. 

Inspired by the mythological symbolism of an owl, Komljenovic uses this symbol to create a minimalist logo that evokes the importance of justice. Simultaneously, the owl-inspired logo design incorporates the letters of the law firm’s name – RCM. 

By sticking to a minimalist and symbolic logo design, Dragana Komljenovic ensures a feeling of luxury and elegance, representing the RCM Law Office’s premium expertise.  

Best Print Design: Ballet Austin 2023/2024 Season by Way Creative

Creative studio Way Creative certainly stood out this month with its work for the Ballet Austin 2023/2024 Season, for which they created all seasonal artwork, digital ads, and a printed brochure. 

Inspired by artistic movements in history and the fluidity of ballet, Way Creative used various typographies, bright colors, and full-page editorials spreads to highlight the diversity of the Ballet Austin and their performances in the 2023/2024 season. 

By combining a variety of print design approaches for Ballet Austin’s, Way Creative draws attention to everything there is to look forward to for the dance company’s coming season. 

Best App Design: Simpli.City App by Rikover & Co

App designer Rikover & Co makes exploring a new city easy and exciting with its mobile app design for Simpli.City App. By simply selecting their city when they enter the app, users immediately get tailored content to match their locale (without any unnecessary complications).  

Taking the app design a step further than simply providing basic material, Simpli.City App’s discovery page acts as a real-time dashboard with updated information on events, pricing, and location.

Rikover & Co also relied on the use of color through mosaic color blocks to ensure a dynamic and approachable experience for all its users, yet another reason why it was chosen for September’s Best App Design award.  

Best Package Design: Fish & Love by Alexey Lysogorov Design

Alexey Lysogorov takes this month’s Best Package Design Award for its resealable packaging for the pet food brand Fish & Love.

It’s approach to packaging ensures not only freshness, but also sustainability as resealable packaging eliminates food waste and maintains freshness. 

Additionally, Fish & Love’s packaging puts creativity in the spotlight. Its endearing illustrations and color combinations, which include cyan, black, white, and pink, evoke feelings of friendliness, reliability, and energy.  

Best Video Design: ESR Geo Wallet by Naturality Digital

Naturality Digital’s video for ESR Geo Wallet plays on the universal fear we all have of losing our wallets.

By leveraging dynamic storytelling, the video sets the stage for a product like ESRt Geo Wallet which turns the possibility of losing your wallet from chaos to convenience. 

Masterful editing with skillful transitions and panning angles creates a successful approach to video design and product presentation that stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness.

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